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At Hook Up Towing we take pride in being the premiere choice for towing in Pasadena, CA. When one of our associates has a towing assignment, we always make sure that the correct procedures are followed when loading up a vehicle that is to be towed. Of course, sometimes we get irate customers, that’s a part of our business. But we always conduct ourselves in a professional manner, and let them know exactly what they have to do in the nicest fashion possible in order to come and retrieve their vehicles.
Not all the time is our towing of vehicles a negative situation where, say, a person was unlawfully parked where they should not have been. We do get those calls, but a vast majority of our patrons have a more positive vibe, because we were actually able to help them out of a jam where their vehicle was malfunctioning, or we had the opportunity to help them by performing accident recovery towing in Pasadena, CA. We always love to see the feeling of relief wash over our customer’s faces when they realize that everything is going to be alright. We look forward to those people of the public that we can greatly help with our towing services, and enjoy each time we can accomplish that during a workday.
Our towing rates are affordable, and our accident recovery, towing recovery, and roadside towing services are top notch. If you find yourself in need of towing transportation, we have a 24 hour towing service that is expert and professional each and every assignment.

If you need a tow truck in Pasadena, CA, feel free to call us at Hook Up Towing.

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