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We know that you’ve been too busy to continuously do it, so for quick and reliable tire changes in Pasadena, CA, call us today. The reason people run so much tread off their tires so quickly is because they simply don’t even out the air pressure. It’s not hard to do, but it is a task that the average busy adult doesn’t pay attention to. That is, until enough time passes riding on tires that way and they end up having to buy new ones way before time. If you can remember to check your tire pressure at least once a week, then you should be good to go.
We know how important it is to check tires. But, by the time people do they usually now need a flat tire replacement in Pasadena, CA. There are a few different types of tire gauges that you can buy. One is the stick gauge. It looks just like a little rod, and is probably the least expensive. There is also the option of getting an analog gauge. They are slightly more accurate than the rod type of gauge. Or you can get a digital gauge, which are the most popular for pinpoint accuracy. As long as you keep batteries in this one you are good to go. Still, there are some vehicles that have automatic tire pressure monitoring system built in. Some folks don’t trust it, and still have one of the three gauges as well.
Our technicians always do safe and reliable work, and always tell you about the tire deals and replacement tire options so you can get your car back on the road. We also perform quality wheel alignments.

At Hook Up Towing, we take pride in being a top tire store in Pasadena, CA.

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